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Arabic chat has many chat room for all the Arabs such as Jordan chat where you can chat with Jordanians , or Palestine chat to meet new friends from all Palestine and Lebanon chat or Syria chat to chat with many girls and boys for free

Arab chat rooms is without registration and its all free  Arab chat is a decent chat room for all ages, Join Arab chat now

choose chat room from the list to start chatting to Arab from every where , Palestine chat , Jordan chat, Egypt chat, Algeria chat, Syria chat, Lebanon chat and much more at chat Araby or you can join the main room where all the fun never ends ..

Free Arab chat room

you can enjoy our free Arab chat room without installing any software such as Java or flash

Arab American chat

Chat Arab is not only in Arabic there are many who chat in other languages like English or French Arab American chat is the place to chat in English to Arabs live abroad provide list of English chat rooms such as Arab American chat or Arab united Kingdom chat meet new friends from the UK in Arab chat united kingdom people from London and all around the UK

Information and Rules of  Arab Chat

The Internet is a place that does not differ very much from normal life. There are things you can do and things that are forbidden.

In order to maintain the site of the Arab Chat and keep its users, it is strictly forbidden to use offensive names in literature or speech outside the limits of morality in chat rooms. It also prohibits talking about sectarianism and insulting beliefs and religions. We ask all users to respect others and their beliefs. The administration of the Arab chat site blocks all those who infringe on others. The chat is monitored by the supervisors and make sure that the supervisor is there to serve you. To submit complaints, please do not hesitate to inform the supervisor of any obvious complaints.